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Flux helped me get comfortable with Webflow, after trying to learn from YouTube tutorials. My recent branding and website clients have paid $25k, or $5,000 USD per month on a retainer basis.

Andy Mullady
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Please know that you have changed my life for the better with your courses. I went from having no clients at all to having 5-6 projects at any given time and often hit $10k in months. Keep it up!

Jen Chuah
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Everything I learned in design and Webflow I learned from Flux. It brought me to quit my job and move to Bali to work fully as a freelancer. Since then, I have doubled my sales every year, and I plan to get to 6-figures next year.

Hannes Haderer
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When I had a new client interested in a website, I decided to join The Webflow Masterclass. I met with my client weekly hitting design milestones and saw them light up as the web design came to life. It was an amazing feeling to see the headaches of coding and hours of troubleshooting fade away.

Tony Jeffers
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One of the best courses I've ever taken. I signed a six-figure web design contract with a client, which in addition to other client work, makes this year my highest grossing year to date. Ran and the community were very supportive of my growth.

Francesca Sauls
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Getting feedback for our work is the best way to get better, and at the Flux Academy, the coaches are very prompt in getting back with feedback and answers to the queries we put forward.

Tresa Deepak
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I rarely buy courses, but this one was worth the gamble. The content was more than what you'd find on the Flux YT channel and more focused. Great value for money.

Gabriel Irina
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I am a proud student of all 5 courses at Flux Academy, each one of these courses taught me something special. I went from charging $200 per website to over $2000 per website in a matter of months. And it's only up from here, the sky is the limit.

Schneur Smith
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Made me believe that from a small town I just created an earning potential even when the world was shut down. Armed with this knowledge I was able to get my first freelance client even before finishing the whole course.

Norbu Lama
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Flux academy has changed my life entirely. It is clear to follow, offers down-to-earth, actionable advice and teaches you the real fundamentals of great user experience and design.

Andrew McGrath
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Reviews of Our Courses

I highly recommend Flux Academy to anyone who aspires to become a skilled designer. It has exceeded my expectations in every aspect, providing comprehensive knowledge, practical experience, and a supportive community. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer looking to expand your skill set, this course will undoubtedly take your abilities to the next level. Invest in yourself and embark on this transformative learning journey today!

Romain Erena

I can already say that I improved 10X my web design skills. Also, I met amazing people in the Flux community, lessons and assignments are insightful and packed with great info, and coaches really CARE about every single student and answer every question. The thing that surprised me the most is that courses are not "just watch the video" and that is all, they encourage you to do the work yourself, they have quizzes, assignments, the final exam for certification, live office hours and so much more. I would 100% recommend Flux Academy to any designer that wants to become a real PRO.

Tin Majetiฤ‡

Everything I learned in design and Webflow I learned from Flux. It brought me to quit my job and move to Bali to work fully as a freelancer. Since then, I have doubled my sales every year, and I plan to get to 6-figures next year.

Hannes Hederer

Amazing course on web design!! This course is amazing to improve your web design skills. Love the work of the Flux Academy. Thank you so much!!

Felix Weis

Amazing experience - although I was following Flux for a while on social, this was my first course, and it really exceeded my expectations! The tutorials are clear and interesting, and the exercises are so engaging and fun to do. But the most stars go to the mentoring part that keeps you motivated and solves the main issue with online courses - the interactivity, and not feeling alone. Amazing 8 weeks, time and money very well invested, and I can really tell the results are there.

Jelena Bogdanovic

The Web Design: Becoming a professional course is really valuable and really covers not just the creative process but also how to work with clients. I recommend this course if you want to freelance. Flux has a nice platform with a lot of students and staff that help you out if needed, and you get mentors that guide you to your certificate which is really valuable.

Adam Karlsson

The content was structured well and the feedback from Fungi, was great. Truly great. She has the eyes of a hawk spotting the tiniest details for improvements. I loved it!

Ole Wahlstrรถm

I highly recommend the Flux Academy Webflow Masterclass to anyone looking to start excel their Webflow career. I completed the course just over 4 years ago and it set me up for a successful freelance journey with Webflow. Ran's teaching methods are extremely precise and easy to understand, making the learning process enjoyable and efficient. This masterclass is a must-take for anyone looking to master Webflow and enhance their web design skills.

Scott Humphrey

The Core Design Skills course was a great introduction to design, including hierarchy, layout, typography, and color. I feel more confident in my understanding of design principles.

Derek Berndt

I have taken several courses in different areas and I can say that in this course every aspect necessary to be able to carry out professional work with Webflow has been deepened. As an extra, resources and communities are shared to continue expanding knowledge and work.

Esteban Ercole

I thought I knew most ins and outs of copywriting. I guess I was wrong. This course is amazing! Definitely recommended!

Alexander van Aken

I was interested in adding copywriting to my services to charge more and be a complete consultant. The course gave me a clear process about how to structure an engaging website and now I feel comfortable about selling content strategy.

Thomas Legrix

I can highly recommend Flux's Framer course; in addition to the actual lessons, I find the office hours with Ran in which he talks about real websites of community members and of course the opportunity to get help with specific issues from the mentors or the community particularly helpful.

Asta Baumรถller

This course was well structured. I also received great feedback in a timely manner. I became a better designer because of it.

William Maitre

I had an amazing experience with the "Brand Mastery" course. The videos were very informative and detailed. My mentor Fungi Dube was amazing, she provided very detailed feedback with comments and examples. She clarified things when needed, she also challenged you to reach for more. It is obvious she loves what she does and it is important to her you understand all the concepts so you can provide outstanding service to a potential client.

Deborah Tanner

What Flux Academy does so well is provide you with feedback from expert designers. That is the main differentiator of the course and a necessity to get you better faster. Fundamental skills, prompt feedback loops and expert direct advice on your work makes this a class above the competition.If you are becoming a great web designer, this course is for you.

Ben Gogos

I love learning from Ran and being part of the amazing Flux community. His way of teaching approach gives me much clear understanding of what I have to do next to reach my goal to become a good web designer and webflow developer.

Kasumi Ramirez

Before The Six-figure Freelance Designer course, I was struggling to find design work, competing with everyone else and thinking that Iโ€™m not good enough. Nowadays, I reach out to potential clients with confidence, create new relationships and work full-time freelance. Iโ€™m looking forward, but without that fear that Iโ€™m not good enough. Iโ€™m very grateful for discovering this program.

Maciek Filipowicz

The Brand Design Mastery course was full of knowledge that allowed me, as a long-time designer, to consolidate and supplement my knowledge of business and strategy. The holistic approach to the design process gave me great insight into how a designer must take care of a brand from the very beginning. Each stage of the course was transparent and very interestingly presented. However, personal mentoring is a hit.

Monika Duc

Mastering Webflow through Flux Academy's Webflow Masterclass has been transformative for me, reshaping my career trajectory. This program empowered me to not only attract a consistent flow of web clients but also enabled me to create high quality websites fast, surpassing the capabilities of other web development tools. I am truly thankful for this opportunity.

Roshina Hasan

Once I got started I did not want to stop learning. It's not that I could not write, it is just I didn't know what to write, and how to present it. What this course has taught and provided me is going to have a big impact on my web design business, I will be able to add copywriting to my services and increase my revenue. My clients will benefit with copy that converts.

Larry James

As someone who had very little web design experience, definitely my best business investment so far.

Jeff Ross

I have completed the web design become a professional course and I am completely thrilled. Both the videos with all the well-chosen examples and great tips as well as the review of my own work afterwards with the opportunity to get feedback from experts was great - at this point a big thank you to Stan.I don't think this will be my last course with Flux.

Katharina Lehmann

My now successful web design and development studio, Crunch Creative, is built on Ran's teachings, frameworks, methods and management style in general. We're a team of four working on high value projects (between $4k and $10k) for a steady stream of super interesting clients. And to think... for all of the Flux Academy courses together, I paid a lot less than what we charge for one of our smallest client projects. The value has been simply inarguable for me, and it'll pay dividends indefinitely.

Dave Mence

I recently completed the Brand Design Mastery course and am so glad that I took the leap to sign up for the course! My instructor, Fungi Dube, was so kind and thoughtful throughout the experience and took the time to leave me personalized feedback on each aspect of my project. I definitely grew as a designer during this course and especially learned a lot about brand strategy. This course helped me with my goal to become a freelance brand identity designer.

Cay Warner

As a self taught designer, I felt like the work I was producing was amateur. I was really unclear about what steps I should take to become a better designer. After discovering the Web Design: Becoming a Professional course, I knew I was on the right track when I had a 'road map' for every project. Now I am creating work that I am proud to share with other creatives. I can see the quality of my work improve with every project. And when I get stuck, I have a supportive community of other Flux students who I can reach out to.

Ashley Rose

I signed up for the Webflow Masterclass after committing to build a client project in Webflow and quickly realizing I was in over my head with a deadline looming, and thanks to Ran's course I hit my deadline โ€“ and I haven't stopped Webflowing since. I am a "real web developer" now โ€” I've built over 15 websites, including a website for one of the largest companies in the world. Six months ago, there was no chance I could have done this work โ€” thank you Ran!

Dylan Spencer

I feel like I have learnt so much about what it takes to create beautiful designs through this course, and like I have a solid foundation to fuel my progression in the world of design. The quizzes, exercises and assignment (with helpful feedback) in this course really helped me to internalise and practice the skills I was learning through the informative videos. I also appreciated the resource doc, so that I can refer back to it as I continue designing.

Indi Young

I just finished the course "Web Design: Becoming a Professional" and it was absolutely amazing. Ran makes it very easy to understand the concepts and if you mix that with all the resources provided you get so much value. I am so happy I joined this course and I can't wait to keep learning with Flux Academy.

Alex Dominguez

I am loving this Framer class so far! As a beginner web designer, I started with Flux's 'Figma for Web Designers', and from there - 'Framer Masterclass' and then onto 'Framer Masterclass 2.0.' With just 3 courses, my passion has been ignited and the transition from Figma to Framer has been seamless. I know that this learning journey will be lifelong, but I'm super excited about the possibilities with Framer and my upcoming freelance biz adventures!

Victoria Snyder

This course covers a lot of grounds - not just design aspects but also business side of things - and you get so many valuable lessons from the instructor. And you get so much out of the great community.

Takatomo Homma

The Flux Academy Figma for Web Design course is great for beginners learning new web design skills, and for those looking to improve their work flow using industry best practices. I've been using Figma for over a year and this course helped me streamline my process, and learn how to be even more organised, which will increase my productivity in future digital projects. I would highly recommend this to any budding web designer out there!

Glen Saunders

After working along with the modules in the Masterclass, I decided to recreate a recent website design Iโ€™d done for a client. This particular project had already been completed and Iโ€™d paid a developer $1200 to code for me. I set up a new Webflow project and Iโ€™d finished the build within 3 hours. 3 HOURS! It was at this point I realised I wasnโ€™t going back.

Paul Hanna

I just finished [Brand Design Mastery] and I learned so many skills - from processes and strategies to building up on my creativity and finalising and delivering a proper brand identity - this course was amazing and I definitely feel so much more confident in my abilities to be able to provide the type of work that I really want to do =)

Vivian Arrais

I have been learning Webflow over the past year, but taking the course really improved my workflow, knowledge of all the tools, and the confidence to explore what the possibilities are with the tools and my imagination. The videos are well organized, clear and concise. I was impressed with the feedback from the final project. I received a quick response after turning in my project, and a video showing me how to improve and fix my build.

Chris Thorne

The Brand Mastery course exceeded my expectations and proved to be a game-changer in my understanding of branding. The instructors' mentorship, the well-structured curriculum, and the emphasis on hands-on learning were the standout features of this course.

Danae Bloise

The fact I can now develop websites without having to write a single line of code is amazing to me! I already doubled my hourly rate and I can see the difference in my clientsโ€™ reaction to my work and professionalism!

Emil Torres

I took your [web design] course years ago and now I build 10k websites full time.

Emmett Armstrong

Flux Academey was a great way to cut the learning curve of Webflow in half for me and provided me with continuous back-and-forth help by emails for specific questions on my own project. Definitely worth the price if you're committed and eager to learn web design with no code!

Lucas Wurstlin

It was great experience! This is a project-based program that allows you to achieve great results in a short time. I can recommend it to all the people that want to gain confidence in building websites with Webflow.

Max Lebedev

Best course Iโ€™ve ever taken! The course was structured in a way that made it easy to follow along and understand even the most complex concepts. The instructor used real-world examples and practical exercises that helped me apply what I learned in a meaningful way.

Michele Cannao'

This course gave me the confidence to step up my Webflow game and made me a great asset to my clients. Today and in the future. Don't hesitate, just try it. You will not be disappointed.

Linda Groeneveld

Itโ€™s one of the best online schools, and definitely the best web design school! Ran has a real talent. The support is just amazing. Bravo to all the Flux team for the professional high-quality materials and guidance! I first bought just 1 Webflow course, but in the end I got all Flux courses;)

Olga Kucherova

For many years I used a simple Squarespace website as the base for my portfolio, but I always felt like I was working with templates, or someone elseโ€™s design, and that I was simply tweaking rather than creating something more bespoke. The Webflow Masterclass allowed me to build a robust, and flexible design folio that can be easily updated and has the level of craft that I feel showcases my skills. And now I can add web development on Webflow to my services.

Kevin Johnston

This course has been a lifesaver for me! I used to wait for the client to provide content, which took forever because they're not accustomed to writing copy, but now I control the whole process. WriteSite has made it possible for me to increase my rates by 5X!

Antwaun Williams

When I signed up for WriteSite, I had a few notions of copywriting good practices, but everything felt blurry and confused. I had no real framework and was always searching for more pieces of information. The course gave me everything I needed to feel confident writing copy for my clients and leveled up my UX skills to wireframe great pages that convert.

Johanna Armnius

This course was one of the best courses I've ever taken. The content is stellar and Ran is a clear and concise teacher. I'm happy to say that this year, I signed a six-figure web design contract with a client, which in addition to other client work, makes this year my highest grossing year to date. The business is expected to make 6-figures next year, even more than this year. Ran and the community were very supportive of my growth.

Francesca Sauls

I enjoyed learning how to use Webflow, it was a bit more challenging than what I expected but I really liked the freedom I have when using this tool, I used Wordpress before and it was frustrating because of its limitations when designing. Thanks for this course Ran, it was very helpful and I'm sure I'm going to check it out constantly for future projects.

Juan David Bustos

Flux helped my fastrack my Figma skills in a matter of weeks. The course has massively increased my confidence, productivity and creativity within Figma. I'd recommend the course without hesitation!

Dan Hoye

The course has a very good blend of theory and practice. I especially love being able to learn from 3 experts with different backgrounds and perspectives. Even though I'm still new to the field, I have already started to implement the learnings for my client. The brand strategy goes hand in hand with web design so I am excited to add it as part of my offerings!

Aiko Takemura
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