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Intrigued by the buzz around Framer and want to discover what it's all about?
Looking for a course that provides not just knowledge, but also mentoring?
Dreaming of a seamless way to design & build interactive websites?
Seeking to create websites that not only look stunning but also drive business results?
Eager to learn advanced Framer techniques to push the boundaries of the tool?
Looking for a comprehensive Framer course that covers real-world projects?
Interested in gaining insights into the creative process of an experienced designer?
Seeking a faster way to bring your web design ideas to life without coding?
Determined to stay ahead of the curve in the world of web design?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, this program is for you.


framer masterclass 2.0

27 Hours of In-Depth Video Lessons

Explore every aspect of Framer from the basics to the most advanced levels with our action-packed video lessons.

Beginner & Advanced Projects

Get hands-on experience with two real-world Framer projects: a local business website and a sophisticated product showcase.

8-Week Mentoring

Get direct & private feedback and guidance from our supportive team of Flux Academy mentors. Master Framer on your own terms.

Led by Industry Expert Matt Jumper

Matt Jumper leads this course with his wealth of knowledge and passion for creating value-driven websites that generate business.

Private Community

Become a member of our private community, enrich your learning experience, and grow along with like-minded designers.

Lifetime Access & Future Updates

Get lifetime access to the course, including future updates. Framer is evolving fast, don’t get left behind, and keep your skills up-to-date.

course curriculum

What You'll Learn

module 1
Key Principles
module 2
Beginner Module
module 3
Intermediate / Advanced Module
module 4
module 4
module 5

Master Framer and create stunning, interactive websites faster than ever. Join our comprehensive Framer Masterclass, led by industry expert Matt Jumper, and unlock the full potential of this intuitive design tool. Gain hands-on experience, receive personalized mentoring, and revolutionize your web design workflow.

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PLUS, Build These Two Sites Throughout The Course…

With our ready-to-use assets, step-by-step instructions & Framer checklist, you’ll be designing these two Framer projects with all its bells and whistles…

Level 1: Beginner

Design a local business site using a custom Framer template.

Customize the Look & Feel

Change the fonts, colors, and layout to make the site look just right for your client.

Harness the Content Management System

Learn how to structure and populate content using Framer's intuitive CMS.

Create Custom Layouts

Discover how to create layouts that serve the purpose of each page or section.

Build & Connect Forms

Build contact & OpenTable forms, and connect them to collect visitor info.

Add Animations & Transitions

Add cool animations and smooth transitions to make your site more engaging.

Ensure Responsiveness

Make sure your site looks and works great on all devices – no matter the screen size.

Ultimate Framer Checklist

Get Matt Jumper's Framer checklist to deliver your project to clients with confidence.

Level 2: Intermediate & Advanced

Develop a complex product showcase site while learning everything about Framer.

Craft Advanced Animations

Create jaw-dropping animations that bring your site to life and grab visitors' attention.

Design Advanced Components

Build reusable parts of your site to save time and keep everything looking consistent.

Implement Advanced Navigation

Create easy-to-use menus and links that help visitors find what they need on your site.

Build Advanced Pricing Cards

Discover how to build pricing tables that’ll serve a variety of products and services – in style.

Utilize the Bento Grid

Use this popular layout system to create visually appealing, mobile-friendly designs with ease.

Implement Dark Mode On Scroll

Wow visitors with a smooth switch to a dark mode as they scroll down a section of your site.

Embed 3D Animations

Make your hero section stand out with Spline 3D elements that can be animated based on scroll events.

Create a Custom Slideshow

Build an attention-grabbing slideshow to highlight products, images, testimonials, and more.

Design Custom Dropdowns

Learn how to add easy-to-use and visually appealing dropdown menus to your website.

Master Code Overrides

Learn how to add custom code snippets to make your site even more unique and functional.

Use Dynamic CMS

Discover how to create a content-rich site that's easy to manage (even by your clients!)

Get Mentored by the Best

1:1 Mentoring With Seasoned Industry Experts

Have questions? Want feedback? Ask your project mentor, get private answers.

Here's an idea how to make the layout less busy
The animation is not working since the parent element is hidden
Love the open feel, maybe add some interactions next
Add clearer CTAs to help conversion
Consider incorporating more contrast

Weekly Office Hours

Join Ran Segall's weekly Office Hours live & ask your most pressing questions about web design and freelancing.

Dedicated Mentors

Struggling with a client site? Stuck on your course project? Reach out to our mentors for personalized 1:1 support.

Special Workshops

Get a private invitation to our exclusive workshops to stay ahead of the game and grow continuously.

Private Flux Community

Build Your Network

Collaborate, network, and continue learning with a global community of designers.

Gigs & Opportunities

Take advantage of special gig opportunities and collaborate with other designers and freelancers.

Accountability Partners

Stay on track with your learning goals, offer & receive encouragement, and grow together.

Earn an industry-recognized certificate.

  • Apply your new skills to build a real-world certification project using our provided Figma assets.

  • Submit your project for personalized review and feedback from our expert mentors.

  • Receive your industry-recognized Flux Academy certificate upon successful completion of the hands-on project.

Meet Your Instructor

Matt Jumper

Matt Jumper is a self-taught designer who has been building websites for over 12 years.

His curiosity and dedication to learning design kicked off his career in high school, when he landed a job as a design intern at a digital agency and worked his way up to Senior Designer. From there, he went on to become a lead UX designer at eBay, a freelance designer, and now a studio owner (MOD). He has worked with clients across all industries, ranging from Sony and Google to Nike and Drake.

His focus on education centers on building real value for clients and their customers, not just creating pretty websites (but don’t worry, they’re pretty too).

Brands Matt Has Worked With:

A Note From Framer’s CEO

Jorn van Dijk
Framer CEO
"Matt is undeniably one of the finest Framer designers out there!
With his expertise, he'll walk you through the process of creating a sleek, professional website from scratch, all without needing to touch a single line of code.
Get ready to elevate your web design game with Matt's guidance and unlock the potential for stunning, code-free sites."
Course Reviews

What Students Say

I can highly recommend Flux's Framer course; in addition to the actual lessons, I find the office hours with Ran in which he talks about real websites of community members and of course the opportunity to get help with specific issues from the mentors or the community particularly helpful.

Asta Baumöller

I really enjoyed how detailed the course was and how it went to describe really small technical details with precision. Really enjoyable if you are planning to step your Framer game up!

Massimo Muntoni

I am loving this Framer class so far! As a beginner web designer, I started with Flux's 'Figma for Web Designers', and from there - 'Framer Masterclass' and then onto 'Framer Masterclass 2.0.' With just 3 courses, my passion has been ignited and the transition from Figma to Framer has been seamless. I know that this learning journey will be lifelong, but I'm super excited about the possibilities with Framer and my upcoming freelance biz adventures!

Victoria Snyder

Even though I have never used Framer, I find it very easy to follow the course effectively. We start from a low level of difficulty, up to the creation of a site from scratch.

Beatrice Cavani

In my opinion, including the entire styling part without fast forwarding or completely cutting out the section, is fantastic. It adds that much more value to the course and extra depth for the people that want/need it. And Matt's small talk was and added notes were great.

Mo Jones

I'm loving the course. I already feel more confident using Framer only after the beginner module. I really appreciate that this course doesn't try to sell me on Framer, but shows me the exact process of how to build a site from start to finish. I feel like the focus is less on how cool Framer is and more on how we can create an amazing site for the clients. Only the website structure part inside the first video - where he explains how to set-up the proper margins and paddings - could have saved me hours of headache before. Matt's professionalism and experience shines through the screen, he is very likeable, easy to understand, and I like how he walks us through his decisions as he works - making me feel like I know what I'm doing and why as I follow along. The structure of the course is smart as well. Inside the intermediate part I love how we touch on current trends like the bento grid, but also cover important and less sexy topics like the terms and conditions, localization and QA list. Plus the project is so fun, I can't wait to have a bit more time and finish it.

Lilla Hamkó

Matt Jumper is amazing and this course is worth every penny! Thanks to everyone on the team that made this happen. I'm getting so much value out of this course and now finally getting the hang of Framer.

Zach Siegel
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