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Master Framer & Build Websites That Wow Clients – FAST!

Unlock the full power of Framer to design and launch stunning, business-driven websites – faster than ever before.

Design jaw-dropping websites with ease using Framer's innovative features.

Build two Framer projects under the guidance of industry expert Matt Jumper.

Learn advanced techniques to overcome design constraints & deliver exceptional results.

Gain valuable insights into creative problem-solving & strategic design decisions.

Join a supportive community of forward-thinking designers.

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Intrigued by the buzz around Framer and want to discover what it's all about?


Looking for a course that provides not just knowledge, but also mentoring?


Dreaming of a seamless way to design & build interactive websites?


Seeking to create websites that not only look stunning but also drive business results?


Eager to learn advanced Framer techniques to push the boundaries of the tool?


Looking for a comprehensive Framer course that covers real-world projects?


Interested in gaining insights into the creative process of an experienced designer?

Seeking a faster way to bring your web design ideas to life without coding?


Determined to stay ahead of the curve in the world of web design?

if you can relate to any of these, then Framer Masterclass IS FOR YOU.
Ship projects faster
Shorter learning curve
Stay ahead of the competition
Copy-paste from Figma
Innovative AI features
Design on a freeform canvas
Interactive websites in no time
Stunning animations in a few clicks
Pioneer a game-changing tool


framer masterclass 2.0

27 Hours of In-Depth Video Lessons

Explore every aspect of Framer from the basics to the most advanced levels with our action-packed video lessons.

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Beginner & Advanced Projects

Get hands-on experience with two real-world Framer projects: a local business website and a sophisticated product showcase.

8-Week Mentoring

Get direct & private feedback and guidance from our supportive team of Flux Academy mentors. Master Framer on your own terms.

Led by Industry Expert Matt Jumper

Matt Jumper leads this course with his wealth of knowledge and passion for creating value-driven websites that generate business.

Private Community

Become a member of our private community, enrich your learning experience, and grow along with like-minded designers.

Lifetime Access & Future Updates

Get lifetime access to the course, including future updates. Framer is evolving fast, don’t get left behind, and keep your skills up-to-date.

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Here's What You're Going to Learn

Here’s what you’re going to learn



Key Principles: Web development & Framer concepts



Setup & Analyze

Customize Look & Feel

Edit CMS

Edit Layouts

Add/Remove, Edit Pages

Connect Forms

Edit Links, Navigation, Footer

Animations & Transitions



Final launch


Intermediate & Advanced


Review Figma

Set up Framer



Configurable components

Sticky scroll

Bento Grid


Carousel component

Pricing component




Blog Overview/Setup

Blog Inside Page

Blog Landing Pages

404 page

Privacy & Terms pages

Static & Dynamic Pages



Launching Your Site

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PLUS, Build These Two Sites Throughout The Course…

With our ready-to-use assets, step-by-step instructions & Framer checklist, you’ll be designing these two Framer projects with all its bells and whistles…

level 1: beginner

Design a local business site using a custom Framer template.

Customize the Look & Feel

Change the fonts, colors, and layout to make the site look just right for your client.

Harness the Content Management System

Learn how to structure and populate content using Framer's intuitive CMS.

Create Custom Layouts

Discover how to create layouts that serve the purpose of each page or section.

Build & Connect Forms

Build contact & OpenTable forms, and connect them to collect visitor info.

Add Animations & Transitions

Add cool animations and smooth transitions to make your site more engaging.

Ensure Responsiveness

Make sure your site looks and works great on all devices – no matter the screen size.

Ultimate Framer Checklist

Get Matt Jumper's Framer checklist to deliver your project to clients with confidence.

level 2: Intermediate & Advanced

Develop a complex product showcase site while learning everything about Framer.

Craft Advanced Animations

Create jaw-dropping animations that bring your site to life and grab visitors' attention.

Design Advanced Components

Build reusable parts of your site to save time and keep everything looking consistent.

Implement Advanced Navigation

Create easy-to-use menus and links that help visitors find what they need on your site.

Build Advanced Pricing Cards

Discover how to build pricing tables that’ll serve a variety of products and services – in style.

Utilize the Bento Grid

Use this popular layout system to create visually appealing, mobile-friendly designs with ease.

Implement Dark Mode On Scroll

Wow visitors with a smooth switch to a dark mode as they scroll down a section of your site.

Embed 3D Animations

Make your hero section stand out with Spline 3D elements that can be animated based on scroll events.

Create a Custom Slideshow

Build an attention-grabbing slideshow to highlight products, images, testimonials, and more.

Design Custom Dropdowns

Learn how to add easy-to-use and visually appealing dropdown menus to your website.

Master Code Overrides

Learn how to add custom code snippets to make your site even more unique and functional.

Use Dynamic CMS

Discover how to create a content-rich site that's easy to manage (even by your clients!)

No Fluff. All Action.

By The End of This Course, You’ll Be Able To…

Master Framer Inside Out

Navigate Framer's interface with ease, customize designs to perfection, and bring your sites to life with engaging animations.

Overcome Design Constraints

Employ sophisticated techniques, find solutions to complex problems, and avoid common pitfalls as you push Framer to new heights.

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Deliver Exceptional Value

Build websites that aren't just visually appealing – they're functional, strategic, and designed to drive real business results for your clients.

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Expand Your Services

Add Framer to your toolkit and offer cutting-edge web design services that set you apart in a competitive market.

Earn a Recognized Certificate

Complete the course, apply your skills in a hands-on certification project, and submit it for review to earn your certificate.



Get personalized, no-holds-barred feedback on all your design and freelancing questions from Ran Segall.


Working on a client project? Building your portfolio? Have questions? Our mentors can guide you privately.


Get a private invitation to our exclusive workshops, grow continuously, and stay ahead of the game



Join 6,000+ professional designers all around the world. Talk about an instant network boost!


Take advantage of special gig opportunities and collaborate with other designers and freelancers.


Stay on track with your learning goals, offer & receive encouragement, and grow together.

Meet your instructor

Matt Jumper

Matt Jumper is a self-taught designer who has been building websites for over 12 years.

His curiosity and dedication to learning design kicked off his career in high school, when he landed a job as a design intern at a digital agency and worked his way up to Senior Designer. From there, he went on to become a lead UX designer at eBay, a freelance designer, and now a studio owner (MOD). He has worked with clients across all industries, ranging from Sony and Google to Nike and Drake.

His focus on education centers on building real value for clients and their customers, not just creating pretty websites (but don’t worry, they’re pretty too).

Brands Matt Has Worked With:


Jorn van Dijk

Framer, CEO

"Matt is undeniably one of the finest Framer designers out there! With his expertise, he'll walk you through the process of creating a sleek, professional website from scratch, all without needing to touch a single line of code. Get ready to elevate your web design game with Matt's guidance and unlock the potential for stunning, code-free sites."

What students say:

Asta Baumöller

Asta Baumöller

I can highly recommend Flux's Framer course; in addition to the actual lessons, I find the office hours with Ran in which he talks about real websites of community members and of course the opportunity to get help with specific issues from the mentors or the community particularly helpful.

Massimo Muntoni

Massimo Muntoni

I really enjoyed how detailed the course was and how it went to describe really small technical details with precision. Really enjoyable if you are planning to step your Framer game up!

Beatrice Cavani

Beatrice Cavani

Even though I have never used Framer, I find it very easy to follow the course effectively. We start from a low level of difficulty, up to the creation of a site from scratch.

Victoria Snyder

Victoria Snyder

I am loving this Framer class so far! As a beginner web designer, I started with Flux's 'Figma for Web Designers', and from there - 'Framer Masterclass' and then onto 'Framer Masterclass 2.0.' With just 3 courses, my passion has been ignited and the transition from Figma to Framer has been seamless. I know that this learning journey will be lifelong, but I'm super excited about the possibilities with Framer and my upcoming freelance biz adventures!

Mo Jones

Mo Jones

In my opinion, including the entire styling part without fast forwarding or completely cutting out the section, is fantastic. It adds that much more value to the course and extra depth for the people that want/need it. And Matt's small talk was and added notes were great.

Lilla Hamkó

Lilla Hamkó

I'm loving the course. I already feel more confident using Framer only after the beginner module. I really appreciate that this course doesn't try to sell me on Framer, but shows me the exact process of how to build a site from start to finish. I feel like the focus is less on how cool Framer is and more on how we can create an amazing site for the clients. Only the website structure part inside the first video - where he explains how to set-up the proper margins and paddings - could have saved me hours of headache before. Matt's professionalism and experience shines through the screen, he is very likeable, easy to understand, and I like how he walks us through his decisions as he works - making me feel like I know what I'm doing and why as I follow along. The structure of the course is smart as well. Inside the intermediate part I love how we touch on current trends like the bento grid, but also cover important and less sexy topics like the terms and conditions, localization and QA list. Plus the project is so fun, I can't wait to have a bit more time and finish it.

Zach Siegel

Zach Siegel

Matt Jumper is amazing and this course is worth every penny! Thanks to everyone on the team that made this happen. I'm getting so much value out of this course and now finally getting the hang of Framer.

Earn an industry-recognized certificate.

Apply your new skills to build a real-world certification project using our provided Figma assets.

Submit your project for personalized review and feedback from our expert mentors.

Receive your industry-recognized Flux Academy certificate upon successful completion of the hands-on project.


Start with our Framer Masterclass course or dive into the Flux Academy All Access program.

Framer Masterclass 2.0

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  • 8-week mentoring & support

  • Matt Jumper’s exclusive checklist

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  • Access to our private community

  • Flux Academy certification

  • Lifetime access to this course

  • Future updates to this course

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  • Private 1:1 onboarding call with Ran Segall

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When you enroll in Framer Masterclass, you’re fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t feel like you’ve received massive value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll refund you promptly. No hassles, no questions, no hoops to jump through.

Why Learn With Flux Academy?

Up-To-Date Content
Regular updates ensure you stay ahead of the curve with the latest Framer features (even years from now).

8-Week Private Mentoring
Our mentors are industry professionals with years of experience, ready to support your learning journey.

Practical & Actionable
Immediately apply what you learn through real-world projects. Gain skills you can use on the job from day one.

​​What Designers Say About Flux Academy Courses

I have spent way too much money on online courses, and I can safely say Flux Academy courses are the best investment I’ve ever made. Just insane value!

Jack Reedle

I'm still learning web design and development, but Flux has made me believe that it is something I can realistically do to support myself and my family.

Nathan Peel

All three courses I've purchased have been high quality and very informative. The team does a great job of explaining the concepts, making it easier to learn. It has been well worth my investment in Flux Academy.

Chris Wertz

Implementing the strategies I learned in the course, I have expanded my client base and improved my design offerings. This course is the best investment I've made in my career!

Aiko Takemura

This course is perfect. now have a framework for good design. This course lays everything out very well and makes you practice it at the right time without asking for super intensive work.

Collin Clem

This is my second course with Flux, and I am impressed a second time! The course was professional with applicable and challenging assignments that got my head wrapped around solid design principles. I definitely leveled up taking this course.

Christopher Thorne

Absolutely everything about this master class has been top professional and a pleasure to participate in... Ran and his team are absolutely amazing and worth every penny!

Jacob Gruwier Vinjegaard

Flux has a nice platform with a lot of students and staff that help you out if needed, and you get mentors that guide you to your certificate which is really valuable.

Adam Karlsson

Flux Academy helped me kickstart my new career as a designer. The courses are well structured and give you everything you need to know to help you get started. I regularly revisit the courses to refresh the knowledge.

Patrick Farsch

Best course i’ve ever taken!! One thing I particularly appreciated about the course was the time that the instructor took to explain every single detail, even if it seemed easy. Moreover, the project part was crucial for learning and improving. It was definitely the part where I learned the most.

Michele Cannao'

The best online design school. I feel blessed with the certificate, it gives me a boost to set up my creative online business thanks to your learning resources and videos and Fungi Dube's feedback. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Marie-Louise Blom

Great course. Gave me the confidence to call myself a professional web designer. Videos were enjoyable and easier to digest. Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in taking their web design to the next level.

Nosa O.

I would 100% recommend Flux Academy to any designer that wants to become a real PRO.

Tin Majetić

Please know that you have changed my life for the better with your courses. I went from having no clients at all to having 5-6 projects at any given time and often hit $10k in months. Keep it up!

Jen Chuah

Everyone at Flux has helped me more times than I can count. Being able to ask for help with problems I can't figure out or for advice on how best to do things makes such a huge difference. I am so grateful to Ran and everyone at Flux for their dedication and excellence.

Christian Larsen

Flux helped me get comfortable with Webflow, after trying to learn from YouTube tutorials. My recent branding and website clients have paid $25k, or $5,000 USD per month on a retainer basis.

Andy Mullady

I think it's a bang for the buck. I don't have the time to learn about Webflow from Youtube, Webflow University, and others. I tried, but my learning progress is so slow. Fortunately, Flux Academy tackles all of my issues, so I decided to go with Flux for fast, structured learning.

Alway John Rallos

Everything I learned in design and Webflow I learned from Flux. It brought me to quit my job and move to Bali to work fully as a freelancer. Since then, I have doubled my sales every year, and I plan to get to 6-figures next year.

Hannes Haderer

Getting feedback for our work is the best way to get better, and at the Flux Academy, the coaches are very prompt in getting back with feedback and answers to the queries we put forward.

Tresa Deepak

I rarely buy courses, but this one was worth the gamble. The content was more than what you'd find on the Flux YT channel and more focused. Great value for money.

Gabriel Irina

I was intimidated about learning a new skill set at my age (56) but the classes were easy to follow and fun. Then as we got to the end with the tips and tricks coming from amazing designers....just very grateful for the experience

Jill Bascome

What makes my experience so great is having a vibrant, dedicated community. Helpers are always available to assist with my queries. [...] It was well worth the money I spent but I feel like I got more than I paid for. Thank you very much academy.

Lê Thành Nhân

Overall the experience I had was amazing I recommend it to everyone thinking about taking this course it’s worth every penny from the information you will gain to the connections you will make.

Isaiah Harris

The best learning experience! I must say it exceeded all my expectations. The study system is the best I've experienced, with well-organized content and engaging videos and exersices. The community is very active and supportive, which made the learning experience much more enjoyable. Moreover, Ran is always available for questions and provides great input.

Saar Chetrit

For me it's money well spent. I love how the course is structured, forcing you to really practice the skill as many other courses are too theoretical. I see as one of the biggest benefits the option to get a feedback and connect with. mentors and community.

Šelmíra Š.

Flux academy has changed my life entirely. It is clear to follow, offers down-to-earth, actionable advice and teaches you the real fundamentals of great user experience and design.

Andrew McGrath

Made me believe that from a small town I just created an earning potential even when the world was shut down. Armed with this knowledge I was able to get my first freelance client even before finishing the whole course.

Norbu Lama

The Flux community and their incredible mentors are invaluable. Connecting with others, getting support with projects and client management, and giving/receiving feedback on work has made a world of difference and helped me to hone my skills. I can't imagine being on this journey without Flux!

Ashley Rose

The best course ever! If you're looking to ramp up your design skills this year, I highly recommend taking Flux Academy's courses today, even if you're well experienced designer. It is perfect!!

Mateus Vidal

Flux Academy is amongst the best online design academies I know for web design. The founder and people working there are very committed and have built a great community of inspiring students. I couldn’t afford to attend a traditional design academy so I really appreciate that Flux Academy has made design education accessible with their online school.

Mario Caruso Ricketts

One of the best courses I've ever taken. I signed a six-figure web design contract with a client, which in addition to other client work, makes this year my highest grossing year to date. Ran and the community were very supportive of my growth.

Francesca Sauls

I love how insightful Flux mentors are about website design! While there are many good courses and advice out there about designing websites, Flux's are way more insightful and practical. I find it easier to understand going forward.

Farah Hilmi

I'm loving all the courses and how in-depth the material is. I'm excited to complete all the courses, build a strong community with fellow entrepreneurs and mentors, and become a successful web developer with their help.

Jordan Concannon

Great community, extremely friendly team and very systematic approach to teaching. Recommend Flux Academy to people who want to not just learn, but practice their skills.

Igor S.


Do I need any prior design experience to take this course?

While design experience can be beneficial, it's not a requirement for this course. Framer Masterclass 2.0 is designed to cater to all skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced designers looking to expand their toolkit.

Do I need to know how to code to use Framer?

No, you don't need to know how to code to design and build websites with Framer. Framer is a no-code tool that allows you to create interactive, responsive, and visually stunning websites without writing a single line of code. The visual interface and intuitive controls make it easy for designers to bring their ideas to life.

I already work as a designer. Is this course right for me?

Absolutely. Framer Masterclass 2.0 is perfect for designers who want to stay at the forefront of design innovation and expand their service offerings. By mastering Framer, you'll be able to create high-end websites for your clients faster and more efficiently. Plus, you'll learn how to solve complex problems and avoid common pitfalls by leveraging Matt Jumper’s real-life experiences shared in this comprehensive course.

Can I create content-rich websites using Framer and can my clients easily manage it?

Yes, Framer comes with a built-in Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy to create and manage dynamic content elements. Framer's intuitive CMS interface allows you and your clients to easily update and maintain content.

Is Framer suitable for building e-commerce websites?

While Framer does not offer native e-commerce features, it's pretty easy to integrate with 3rd party tools to create simple e-commerce sites. However, for big complex stores, Shopify is probably the better solution.

Will websites built with Framer be fast and SEO-friendly?

Yes, Framer is designed to create websites that are optimized for speed and search engine visibility. However, the final performance and SEO success of your site will also depend on factors like the content, images, and overall structure of your site. Framer provides solid SEO features and performance optimizations out of the box, giving you a strong foundation to build upon.

Should I learn Framer or Webflow as my primary web design tool?

The choice between Framer and Webflow ultimately depends on the types of projects you'll be working on. If you're primarily focused on creating interactive, animation-rich websites with a strong emphasis on design, Framer is the way to go. Its shorter learning curve and rapid prototyping capabilities make it ideal for designers who want to quickly bring their ideas to life. On the other hand, if you need to build more complex, feature-rich websites with advanced integrations, Webflow might be the better choice. Ideally, having both tools in your toolkit will give you the flexibility to choose the right tool for each project.

How much does it cost to use Framer?

Framer offers a free tier that includes unlimited projects with Framer branding, hosted on a framer.website subdomain. The free tier comes with certain limitations on bandwidth, visitor numbers, and CMS functionality. To access advanced features, remove Framer branding, or use a custom domain, you'll need to upgrade to one of their paid plans, which offer more flexibility and resources. For new customers only, this course offers an exclusive 25% discount on Framer subscriptions (conditions apply).

How long will I have access to the course content?

When you enroll in Framer Masterclass 2.0, you'll have lifetime access to all the course content, including any future updates. The course is entirely self-paced, so you can learn at your own speed and revisit the material whenever you need. The 8 weeks of private mentoring with Flux Academy experts and access to weekly office hours with Ran Segall will be available to you for 8 weeks from the date of your purchase.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our courses. Framer Masterclass 2.0 comes with a full, no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the course within the first 30 days, simply reach out to us, and we'll issue a full refund.

What payment options are available?

We offer two convenient payment options for Framer Masterclass 2.0. You can either pay the full course fee upfront for a discounted price or choose our 3-month payment plan to spread the cost over time. All payments are securely processed through reliable payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Are there any discounts available for students or those with limited financial means?

We understand that investing in education can be challenging, especially for those just starting out or facing financial constraints. While we don't offer any direct discounts or parity pricing at the moment, we're committed to making our content as accessible as possible. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where we regularly release free, high-value content related to Framer and web design in general.

Transform Your Career With Flux Academy’s Framer Masterclass 2.0!

With guidance from industry expert Matt Jumper, 2 hands-on Framer projects, and 8-week mentoring support, you're set up for success from day one.

Enroll today and embark on your journey to becoming a master of Framer and creating websites that drive results for your clients.

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