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with Ran Segall


Learn how to build pixel-perfect websites from start to finish with 12 hours of step-by-step video content.

start your webflow portfolio

Build a fully functional website as part of the course and get personalized feedback from Flux Academy experts.

No Coding Required

Master a visual development tool to build incredible websites quickly, without learning how to code.

Master a visual development process to bring your best creations to life

Learn a streamlined process to build custom, fully interactive websites for clients, using Webflow. By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Build pixel-perfect websites quickly using a powerful visual development tool.
  • Implement stunning animations and interactions.
  • Regain creative freedom in your work, without the limitations of templates.
  • Showcase a portfolio featuring your first Webflow website.

Learn with ran segall

Ran Segall has been a freelance web designer for 17 years — 6 of those as a full-time business owner.

He started his career at big advertising and branding agencies, and as a freelancer, has served clients in many industries, including tech startups, social enterprises, and restaurateurs.

By developing high-value skills, he scaled his freelance web design business to over $250k in yearly revenue.

Since 2015, Ran has been sharing his learnings on his YouTube channel, Flux — the very foundation of Flux Academy.

what you'll learn

Chapter 1

Introduction to webflow

A Personal Welcome
How to make the best of this course & community
What Webflow plan do you need?
Chapter 2


How Webflow is different
Basic HTML / CSS concepts
Basic Site Demo
Mastering Layout: Display settings
Mastering Layout: Grid
Mastering Layout: Flex
Flexbox game Solved
Mastering Layout: Position
Real World Examples of Layout Tools in Use
Using Images & Backgrounds
How to structure websites
How to style efficiently
Working with Custom Fonts
Making The Website Responsive
Responsiveness Challenge
Responsiveness Challenge - Solved
Basic interactions
Webflow's Native Components
Fixing things when they go wrong
Chapter 3


Building a real-world client one pager website
Custom layout Challenge
Custom Layout challenge - Solved
Chapter 4

Dynamic websites

Understanding the CMS
Using the CMS
Advanced CMS Filtering
Importing CMS Data
Creating E-commerce Websites
Working with forms & integrating with other systems
CMS Challenge
CMS Challenge - Solved
Chapter 5

Animations & Interactions

Understanding Triggers & Animations
Creating Popups
The Slide-in Effect
3D Rotation on Hover
Parallax Effect
Horizontal Scrolling Section
Lottie Animations
Creating a Pre-loader
Chapter 6


Final challenge - One Pager Portfolio Project
Chapter 7

Advanced Use Cases

Integrating a booking system (or any other 3rd party tool)
Exporting to WordPress or Shopify
Bi-Lingual Websites
Creating Awesome Effects with (copy-paste) Custom code
Chapter 8

web development process

The Complete Webflow Website Process Overview
How to Export & Import Images Properly
Working With a Style Guide
Privacy & Accessibility Considerations
QA - Testing Your Website
Should Clients Host With Webflow?
The Pre-Launch Checklist: SEO & Final Setups
Going Live
Chapter 9

project management

How To Sell Webflow To Clients
When Clients Just Won't Buy
How To Deliver Websites To Clients
Client CMS Training
Pricing Webflow Websites
The Perfect Webflow Website Proposal
Maintaining Webflow Websites
Chapter 10

case study - Client Website

Project Plan
Project Setup & Fonts
Creating The Style Guide
Setting up the CMS & dummy content
Building The Homepage
Mobile Responsivness
CMS Item Page
Bio Collection Page
About Page
Experiences Page
Product Page
Search Results Page
Last Setups
Chapter 11

case study - CyberTruck website

Tesla Cybertruck Website in 100 minutes
Chapter 12

bringing it all together

Becoming a True Master
Conclusion - What's Next?

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What students say:

Emil Torres

Emil Torres

The fact I can now develop websites without having to write a single line of code is amazing to me! I already doubled my hourly rate and I can see the difference in my clients’ reaction to my work and professionalism!

Paul Hanna

Paul Hanna

After working along with the modules in the Masterclass, I decided to recreate a recent website design I’d done for a client. This particular project had already been completed and I’d paid a developer $1200 to code for me. I set up a new Webflow project and I’d finished the build within 3 hours. 3 HOURS! It was at this point I realised I wasn’t going back.

Dylan Spencer

Dylan Spencer

I signed up for the Webflow Masterclass after committing to build a client project in Webflow and quickly realizing I was in over my head with a deadline looming, and thanks to Ran's course I hit my deadline – and I haven't stopped Webflowing since. I am a "real web developer" now — I've built over 15 websites, including a website for one of the largest companies in the world. Six months ago, there was no chance I could have done this work — thank you Ran!

Mike Miello

Mike Miello

With the skills I learned from The Six-figure Freelance Designer and the Webflow Masterclass courses, I was able to position myself as a specialist among educators. I’m now pitching for larger projects and do not need to get a developer involved. I increased my revenue, but what I really enjoy is that I feel that I can move at my speed as opposed to working among other people’s schedules.

Alice Pelzl

Alice Pelzl

The Webflow Masterclass was ideal for me because it allowed me to build our portrait52 website by myself. I didn’t have the budget for a developer and I didn’t want to depend on other people to make changes on the go. On top of this, I started offering web development services and so far I’ve built five sites for clients with Webflow, while doubling my website fees.

Kevin Johnston

Kevin Johnston

For many years I used a simple Squarespace website as the base for my portfolio, but I always felt like I was working with templates, or someone else’s design, and that I was simply tweaking rather than creating something more bespoke. The Webflow Masterclass allowed me to build a robust, and flexible design folio that can be easily updated and has the level of craft that I feel showcases my skills. And now I can add web development on Webflow to my services.

Masha Eizner

Masha Eizner

I come from a print background and I couldn't quite understand how Webflow worked. I was wasting a lot of time to understand the process of designing a website with Webflow, and nothing seemed to work. After completing the Webflow Masterclass, I was able to redesign my website. I'm now able to structure sites properly and build them quickly. I have more freedom and don't have to rely on developers to build the website or use limited platforms like Wix.

Tony Jeffers

Tony Jeffers

Until taking The Webflow Masterclass I was feeling like letting my clients down by using template-based website builders with that limited my creativity and were a hassle to maintain. I now have a refined process for new clients and a priceless tool to design websites without limitations.

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Why is Webflow better than other website building programs?

Webflow is an incredibly powerful visual development tool that allows you to create highly custom, truly premium work — and of course, adjust your rates accordingly. Webflow also handles all the technical heavy-lifting of website development for you, so you get to focus on what you do best: creating stunning, high-value work for your clients.

Is Webflow free?

Webflow offers a free plan that many students use while taking this course. However, for your future client projects, we recommend investing in one of their paid tiers.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope. That's part of the magic of using a powerful visual development tool like Webflow. You do not need to know how to code in order to create a pixel-perfect, highly custom website. The visual interface will guide you through it all.

I already know how to code — why should I learn Webflow?

Webflow offers an ultra-fast way to build websites — we’re talking hours, not days or weeks. If you’re a designer, you’ll also enjoy the visual aspect of working inside Webflow and seeing what you're building take shape in real-time.

What’s the difference between the Webflow Masterclass and Webflow University?

Webflow University has some great tutorials and quick lessons but isn’t meant to take you through the entire process of building and selling Webflow projects as a freelancer — like we do in The Webflow Masterclass. More than that, the masterclass is the only course where you build an entire site and receive personalized instructor feedback on it as part of the curriculum.

Will I be able to build websites for my clients by the end of this course?

Yes, you'll learn a step-by-step process you can use in any future projects. Beyond that, you’ll actually end this course with your first Webflow website and our team will give you personalized feedback on it. We want you to feel fully confident showcasing your Webflow skills in your portfolio.

Can I use Webflow to build an e-commerce website?

Yes! One of the coolest things about Webflow is its flexibility. Your work isn't bound by the built-in capabilities of a template, so you can truly create whatever your clients need. In Chapter 4 of the Webflow Masterclass, you'll learn all about e-commerce and other dynamic website building features.

How is this course different from the Web Design: Becoming Professional (WDBP)?

The WDBP course is all about the design process. We do cover your options when it comes to development, but not the nitty-gritty that goes into actual implementation — that's where the Webflow Masterclass comes in! You'll learn a step-by-step process to bring your designs to life as fully functional, pixel-perfect websites using Webflow.

How long will I have access to the course?

You get a lifetime access to the course and a 12-month access to the Flux Community. More than that, all future updates to the content are on us!

What are my payment options?

You can pay in three monthly installments or all at once for additional savings. We securely process all payments through PayPal and Stripe, and you’ll get an email receipt immediately after purchase. If you need a more detailed invoice for your records, let us know and we'll be happy to help you.