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Looking for an all-in-one program to master Webflow from A to Z?
Overwhelmed trying to learn Webflow from bite-sized YouTube videos?
Seeking structured learning with clear objectives to stay motivated?
Interested in building professional-grade client websites using Webflow?
Looking for more creative freedom and control over your web projects?
In search of a no-code web design tool to build complex websites?
Eager to attract better clients and increase your web design income?
Aspiring to become a top Webflow expert respected for your skills?
Searching for expert feedback to take your skills to the next level?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, this program is for you.


The Webflow  Masterclass 4.0

Fully Updated for Webflow 2024

Discover the latest features with the latest Webflow UI and a completely redesigned curriculum.

16 Hours of Action-Packed Videos

Master Webflow through real-life client scenarios tailored for both beginners and experienced users.

3 Progressive Projects

Progress through the course by building 3 websites hands-on at increasing levels of complexity.

Exclusive Assets & Templates

Access project files and assets to build your Webflow projects just like you would on client projects.

Comprehensive A to Z Training

This Webflow course provides structured guidance to take you from beginner (or intermediate) to advanced.

Personalized Expert Guidance

Get 2 months private mentoring to refine your skills and elevate your work.

Lifetime Course Access

Enjoy free lifetime access to all course content, including future updates, to maintain your Webflow skills.

Private Webflow Community

Join our network of designers to collaborate, get feedback, and continue growing your skills.

Led by Ran Segall

Learn from the real-world Webflow knowledge and authentic style of Flux Academy founder Ran Segall.

Introducing the all-new…

The Webflow Masterclass 4.0 Pro

Exclusive Content

Get access to 5.5+ hours of exclusive video lessons and resources only available in the Pro track.

Special Resources

Get your hands on the ultimate Webflow project checklist (worth $47) and project invoice template.

6 Months of Mentor Access

Get 6-month access to Flux Academy mentors and weekly Office Hours with Ran Segall (worth $600).

course curriculum

What You'll Learn

Module 1
Start Here
Module 2
Level 1: Beginner
Module 3
Level 2: Intermediate
Module 4
Level 3: Advanced
Module 5
Certification Project
Module 6
Conclusion & What’s Next
Module 7
Working with Clients & Building Your Webflow Career
Module 8
Working Together with Team Members
Module 9
Conclusion & What’s Next
Module 10

Master the art of no-code web design through Flux Academy's immersive Webflow Masterclass. Learn to build sophisticated, client-ready websites using Webflow's intuitive platform. Gain a competitive edge in the industry with personalized mentorship and hands-on projects. Start your path to Webflow mastery today.

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Learn By Doing

PLUS, Build These 3 Sites Throughout the Course

With our ready-to-use assets & step-by-step instructions, you’ll be designing 3 websites…

Level 1: Beginner

Create your portfolio using an exclusive Webflow template and customize it to fit your needs.

Basics of Type, Color & Variables

Upload a custom font and change the colors of your elements using variables.

Working with Images & Backgrounds

Replace & position images, create color and gradient backgrounds.

CMS Basics

Create new projects using the content management system.

Going Live

Publish your website and connect it to your custom domain.

Level 2: Intermediate

Discover how to work with Relume Library to build a complete yoga studio website.

Build with Relume to Save Hours of Work

See how libraries work in Webflow and how to use the most popular Webflow library: Relume (plus, get 2-month free trial to Relume's Starter plan, worth $76).

Setup a Custom CMS

Discover how to plan and build a CMS based on the needs of your site.

Create Custom Interactions

Use Webflow's native interactions to create pre-loaders, looping animations, and mouse interactions.

Create an E-commerce Site

Build a shop to sell an e-book using Webflow’s native e-commerce features.

Use Advanced Positioning

Learn how to create overlays using Webflow’s positioning tools.

Integrate with 3rd Party Tools

Use Zapier to build a custom booking solution.

Level 3: Advanced

Discover how to work with Webflow to build a complex Netflix-like sports event video site from scratch.

Import Complex CMS Data

Structure a complex CMS structure and import a big data set using Webflow’s import features.

Advanced Custom Layouts & Interactions

Learn how to layer elements and use masking animations.

Build a Full-Screen Mega Menu

Learn how to build custom navigation that uses nested CMS data.

Use Custom Code

Learn how to use ChatGPT and other resources to extend Webflow’s capabilities.

Use a Custom CMS Slider

Learn how to find and reuse existing free resources to go beyond Webflow’s native elements.

Create a Membership Site

Learn how to use Memberstack to gate video content for unsubscribed visitors.

Use Finsweet’s CMS Filtering

Learn how to use Finsweet's powerful Attributes tool to extend Webflow’s capabilities.

Learn Advanced Responsiveness Techniques

Create responsive typography elements and use relative sizing to make sure your layouts look great on any device.

Get Mentored by the Best

1:1 Mentoring With Seasoned Industry Experts

Have questions? Want feedback? Ask your project mentor, get private answers.

Here's an idea how to make the layout less busy
The animation is not working since the parent element is hidden
Love the open feel, maybe add some interactions next
Add clearer CTAs to help conversion
Consider incorporating more contrast

Weekly Office Hours

Join Ran Segall's weekly Office Hours live & ask your most pressing questions about web design and freelancing.

Dedicated Mentors

Struggling with a client site? Stuck on your course project? Reach out to our mentors for personalized 1:1 support.

Special Workshops

Get a private invitation to our exclusive workshops to stay ahead of the game and grow continuously.

Private Flux Community

Build Your Network

Collaborate, network, and continue learning with a global community of designers.

Gigs & Opportunities

Take advantage of special gig opportunities and collaborate with other designers and freelancers.

Accountability Partners

Stay on track with your learning goals, offer & receive encouragement, and grow together.

Earn an industry-recognized certificate.

Stop trying to "fake it till you make it", and instead - just learn how to actually make it. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Work on a special certification project and put your skills into practice within realistic scenarios.

  • Learn to improve and iterate on your work with personalized feedback from our expert mentors.

  • Earn your Flux Academy certificate by building our carefully crafted one-pager certification project.

Meet Your Instructors

Ran Segall

Ran Segall has been a freelance web designer for 17 years — 6 of those as a full-time business owner.

He started his career at big advertising and branding agencies, and as a freelancer, has served clients in many industries, including tech startups, social enterprises, and restaurateurs.

By developing high-value skills, he scaled his freelance web design business to over $250k in yearly revenue. Since 2015, Ran has been sharing his learnings on his YouTube channel, Flux — the very foundation of Flux Academy.

Kaleb Jae

Kaleb Jae, founder of Flow Gurus and certified Webflow Partner, has over 200 websites under his belt, generating a revenue of more than $500,000 in the first 3 years of launching Flow Gurus.

He was featured by Relume and was instrumental in building the Relume Icon Library. Kaleb's collaborative work partnering with 20+ design agencies over the last year exhibits his ability to work in diverse teams and adapt to varying project needs.

As an instructor for the Flux Academy's Webflow Masterclass, Kaleb is looking forward to fostering the careers of the next generation of web designers and agency owners.

Trusted By The Webflow Team

Vlad Magdalin
Webflow, Co-founder & CEO
"I've had SO many people tell me that taking this course has changed their life, helped them to make a living, and formed lasting friendships!"
Bryant Chou
Webflow, Co-founder
"Flux Academy's Webflow Masterclass is so effective that we've incorporated it into our new hire training program at Webflow."
Course Reviews

What Students Say

The Webflow Masterclass was ideal for me because it allowed me to build our portrait52 website by myself. I didn’t have the budget for a developer and I didn’t want to depend on other people to make changes on the go. On top of this, I started offering web development services and so far I’ve built five sites for clients with Webflow, while doubling my website fees.

Alice Pelzl

After working along with the modules in the Masterclass, I decided to recreate a recent website design I’d done for a client. This particular project had already been completed and I’d paid a developer $1200 to code for me. I set up a new Webflow project and I’d finished the build within 3 hours. 3 HOURS! It was at this point I realised I wasn’t going back.

Paul Hanna

For many years I used a simple Squarespace website as the base for my portfolio, but I always felt like I was working with templates, or someone else’s design, and that I was simply tweaking rather than creating something more bespoke. The Webflow Masterclass allowed me to build a robust, and flexible design folio that can be easily updated and has the level of craft that I feel showcases my skills. And now I can add web development on Webflow to my services.

Kevin Johnston

I signed up for the Webflow Masterclass after committing to build a client project in Webflow and quickly realizing I was in over my head with a deadline looming, and thanks to Ran's course I hit my deadline – and I haven't stopped Webflowing since. I am a "real web developer" now — I've built over 15 websites, including a website for one of the largest companies in the world. Six months ago, there was no chance I could have done this work — thank you Ran!

Dylan Spencer

The fact I can now develop websites without having to write a single line of code is amazing to me! I already doubled my hourly rate and I can see the difference in my clients’ reaction to my work and professionalism!

Emil Torres

I come from a print background and I couldn't quite understand how Webflow worked. I was wasting a lot of time to understand the process of designing a website with Webflow, and nothing seemed to work. After completing the Webflow Masterclass, I was able to redesign my website. I'm now able to structure sites properly and build them quickly. I have more freedom and don't have to rely on developers to build the website or use limited platforms like Wix.

Masha Eizner

Until taking The Webflow Masterclass I was feeling like letting my clients down by using template-based website builders with that limited my creativity and were a hassle to maintain. I now have a refined process for new clients and a priceless tool to design websites without limitations.

Tony Jeffers

With the skills I learned from The Six-figure Freelance Designer and the Webflow Masterclass courses, I was able to position myself as a specialist among educators. I’m now pitching for larger projects and do not need to get a developer involved. I increased my revenue, but what I really enjoy is that I feel that I can move at my speed as opposed to working among other people’s schedules.

Mike Miello

Mastering Webflow through Flux Academy's Webflow Masterclass has been transformative for me, reshaping my career trajectory. This program empowered me to not only attract a consistent flow of web clients but also enabled me to create high quality websites fast, surpassing the capabilities of other web development tools. I am truly thankful for this opportunity.

Roshina Hasan

I've been trying to master Webflow since 2021 but honestly it wasn't until I went through Flux Academy that I finally feel that I can ~build~ stuff with Webflow.

Carlos Velasquez

One of the best online courses. Thanks to Ran and his team I learned to use Webflow easily and gradually, with excellent support. And once you're part of the family, you'll always have updates and additional content forever.

Cristiano Di Marco

This is the most comprehensive course on Webflow in the market today. The latest version of the course has three levels. The course starts you off from learning the very basic skills to building a pretty complex and cool website. This course has given me an understanding of the concept of building websites and the workflow. I have gained the confidence to build websites with complexity on my own. I also enjoy Ran Segall's teaching style. He is a very nice guy with a good team of staff to help us to trouble shoot problems so that we can succeed. You get more than just video tutorials from this course!

Lai-Kit Chan

The absolute best way to learn and master Webflow! Everything about this masterclass has been top professional and a pleasure to participate in. Worth every penny!

Jacob Vinjegaard

Best course I’ve ever taken! The course was structured in a way that made it easy to follow along and understand even the most complex concepts. The instructor used real-world examples and practical exercises that helped me apply what I learned in a meaningful way.

Michele Cannao'

I have been learning Webflow over the past year, but taking the course really improved my workflow, knowledge of all the tools, and the confidence to explore what the possibilities are with the tools and my imagination. The videos are well organized, clear and concise. I was impressed with the feedback from the final project. I received a quick response after turning in my project, and a video showing me how to improve and fix my build.

Chris Thorne

The course is comprehensive and well put together. They make sure to explain the fundamentals of web layout, so if you're new to web design you wont be left behind. If you already have a background in web design, then Webflow will feel right at home! Instructors were friendly and quick to respond to my emails. Thanks for the awesome course!

Andrew Newby

I have taken several courses in different areas and I can say that in this course every aspect necessary to be able to carry out professional work with Webflow has been deepened. As an extra, resources and communities are shared to continue expanding knowledge and work.

Esteban Ercole

The videos and training was great and very helpful. They were extremely thorough. I also loved the class projects which really helped get hands on training. But i think the thing that went above and beyond was the fact that i had a dedicated instructor critiquing my work and helping me improve. That was awesome. Highly recommend it.

Kyle Grossman

I have gone through a lot of the Webflow tutorials on Webflow University which are great, albeit very polished, but I honestly feel like I have learned the most from the Flux Webflow course. Ran is a brilliant educator & I really appreciated how when teaching you he shows you exactly his process especially when there is something that he hasn't come across before himself he then shows you exactly how he goes about finding the answers. The course feels very real & he is with you the whole time. It starts from a basic level through to intermediate & then on to the advanced level. I thoroughly enjoyed the course & found it to be extremely informative & in-depth. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn Webflow on a deeper level or even to brush up on your webflow skills. On top of this, not only do you have mentor support when you get stuck but you also have an amazing community of designers who are always there to help when needed, which both helped me on many occasions.

Noel Hale

Taking the Flux Academy Webflow Masterclass was the best choice I made. The masterclass provided me with expert-level knowledge that goes beyond the basics and offered me a comprehensive understanding of how to use Webflow to its fullest potential using the best possible practices. What I felt like one of the standout features of the masterclass was the expert assistance provided by the Flux community. The community is an invaluable resource for solving any problems that may arise while working with Webflow. With access to a network of experts and peers, I was able to get the right guidance I need to overcome all the obstacles in my learning phase to become a better Webflow developer.

Austrin Scaria

There is absolutely nothing else out there like this for Webflow. This class is different from other online courses in that not only are there detailed lessons that you can take at your own pace, but Ran is actively involved in the [community]. He's accessible and regularly interacting and answering questions from students. And with the bonus content added based on our feedback, you really are learning in real-time.

Tara Hoover

The Webflow Masterclass is how I learned Webflow and got the confidence to start building from scratch. Ran and his team are some of the best online teachers I've come across 🙌

Christine Maggi

I highly recommend the Flux Academy Webflow Masterclass to anyone looking to start excel their Webflow career. I completed the course just over 4 years ago and it set me up for a successful freelance journey with Webflow. Ran's teaching methods are extremely precise and easy to understand, making the learning process enjoyable and efficient. This masterclass is a must-take for anyone looking to master Webflow and enhance their web design skills.

Scott Humphrey

Flux helped me get comfortable with Webflow, after trying to learn from YouTube tutorials. My recent branding and website clients have paid $25k, or $5,000 USD per month on a retainer basis.

Andy Mullady

Everything I learned in design and Webflow I learned from Flux. It brought me to quit my job and move to Bali to work fully as a freelancer. Since then, I have doubled my sales every year, and I plan to get to 6-figures next year.

Hannes Hederer

Webflow Masterclass was a great experience. I learned the ins and outs of Webflow. I now feel confident to market myself as a Webflow developer. Along with my final project, I developed two other sites using the skills I learned during the Webflow Masterclass. I'd highly recommend the course for anyone seeking to learn Webflow. The Flux Academy is a valuable online community that is worth the investment.

Casey Lewis

I love learning from Ran and being part of the amazing Flux community. His way of teaching approach gives me much clear understanding of what I have to do next to reach my goal to become a good web designer and webflow developer.

Kasumi Ramirez

This course gave me the confidence to step up my Webflow game and made me a great asset to my clients. Today and in the future. Don't hesitate, just try it. You will not be disappointed.

Linda Groeneveld

Flux Academey was a great way to cut the learning curve of Webflow in half for me and provided me with continuous back-and-forth help by emails for specific questions on my own project. Definitely worth the price if you're committed and eager to learn web design with no code!

Lucas Wurstlin

I think it's a bang for the buck. I don't have the time to learn about Webflow from Youtube, Webflow University, and others. I tried, but my learning progress is so slow. There are a lot of things that I need to learn, but my main issue is that I don't know the efficient and proper way. Also, the process of building and delivering the website. Fortunately, Flux Academy tackles all of my issues, so I decided to go with Flux for fast, structured learning.

Alway John Rallos

Ran's course is very informative and has a hands-on approach to his teaching style in these courses. I love this style of learning because the more you do the more confident you feel. Ran has shown a consistent passion for teaching in the space of Design and Webflow and in my opinion, there is no better online course to learn a tool like Webflow than right here at Flux Academy!

Brenna Cromley

I had past experience of working with Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace and Shopify and made couple of sites on these plarforms and they are live too. I was looking for something more customizable in terms of design element. Then came to know about Webflow. After watching many videos from webflow university I got some idea but not any control on Webflow. There are tons of information available on webflow university. But as a beginner I was not able to figure out from where to start. Then I came to know about Flux Academy. After enormous thoughts I decided to buy the "Webflow Masterclass" course and I am not regretting it. The way Ran explain the details is mind blowing. Ran is a great teacher, mentor and guide. His topic exercises are so great that even a beginner would understand and become an expert in Webflow.

Rahul Singh

I have to thank Ran for this course, I currently work in a technology company, where the number of employees is more than 500. We develop products that help people save money. Unfortunately in the communication part, creating Landing Pages has been a very complicated job, since the tools we use are very limited. With Webflow and the course given by Ran I have been able to create a new way of working that is more agile, dynamic and creative, we are no longer so limited in terms of creativity and user testing possibilities. Highly recommend this course, it is very comprehensive and detailed and just what I was looking for.

Paulo Castillo

It’s one of the best online schools, and definitely the best web design school! Ran has a real talent. The support is just amazing. Bravo to all the Flux team for the professional high-quality materials and guidance! I first bought just 1 Webflow course, but in the end I got all Flux courses;)

Olga Kucherova

Its one of a kind community has been the highlight for me. From support from experts on problems to different gigs and collaborations, Flux Academy has been quite a booster in my Webflow journey.

Paras Shah

I can't recommend this course enough.You are getting a course that is super valuable with lessons regarding every question about Webflow.Ran and the Flux team pushes you to not only copy-paste what he is doing but also, try it yourself. You are welcomed into a great community where you can find other Webflow students to work with or get help from. At the end of the course, you get a medium-hard challenge that will grant you the certification. A certification from the biggest Webflow community - Flux Academy. A super advantage to your CV. Last but not least, the customer service. If you have any questions or you need any help, the Flux Academy has got you 100%. They will help you with the course and outside work, on the community page. Super friendly, well-explained reviews and very open to any help. A big thank you to the Flux Academy team and to Ran. I'm having a call this week with a potential client. This was possible because of you.

Ionutz Kazaku

I've just finished the Webflow Masterclass and I'm really happy with what I've learnt. The course is very well structured, making easy following the lessons and I consider the level I've gained pretty advanced. Also, whenever you have any questions they are answered by webflow experts in a very reasonable period of time so I consider the overall experience quite good. Special mention to the feedback provided by Joana on the final project. Her very detailed and thorough feedback and encouragement impressed me.

Teresa Martinez

I really enjoyed this course and learning about Webflow, but I the best part about the course was how helpful the coaching staff was.

Daryl Samsoodeen

It was great experience! This is a project-based program that allows you to achieve great results in a short time. I can recommend it to all the people that want to gain confidence in building websites with Webflow.

Max Lebedev

I enjoyed learning how to use Webflow, it was a bit more challenging than what I expected but I really liked the freedom I have when using this tool, I used Wordpress before and it was frustrating because of its limitations when designing. Thanks for this course Ran, it was very helpful and I'm sure I'm going to check it out constantly for future projects.

Juan David Bustos

I have to admit, when I bought Webflow Masterclass 4.0, I had no expectations. I thought it was a course like any other that you pass quickly and forget even faster. But I was surprised by the professionalism and exceptional quality of the mentors, especially Ran who is an exceptional instructor. I recently bought Framer Masterclass 2.0 and I intend to stay at the Flux academy in the future. To me, you are the best!

Ivana Klisović

Flux has been a great for helping me make a career jump in to Web Design. I had a little bit of experience in Webflow but struggled to understand some best practices and utilizing a repeatable framework. The Webflow Masterclass helped me to do this and has put me one step closer to a successful and sustainable freelance career.

Sam Comstock

The content is the highest quality and constantly updated so it keeps up with the newest developments in the field. They have a very dedicated and knowledgeable team always ready to help you.What is very important to me personally, Ran and co. seem to be sincere people who know what they do.I cannot recommend Flux Academy highly enough. Excellence with real people behind it!

Maciej Doczyk
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