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Master Figma, create stunning & responsive websites, and collabrate like a pro.

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Are you...

Unsure about how to improve your Figma skills?
Overwhelmed by Figma’s rich set of features?
Seeking a fast-track Figma course for web design?
Working inefficiently and wasting time?
Not taking advantage of the latest features?
Sick of trying to figure out the right way on your own?
Looking for shortcuts to speed up your workflows?
Seeking personalized expert feedback on your work?
Looking for a recognized certification to prove your skills?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the above, this program is for you.


Figma for Web Designers

30 Step-by-Step Videos

Master Figma through real-world scenarios and actionable lessons tailored specifically for web design projects.

Project-Based Learning

Together with your instructor Maddy, you can build an entire responsive e-commerce site from scratch using Figma.

1:1 Mentor Feedback

For 8 weeks, get personalized guidance from Flux Academy mentors to take your Figma skills to new heights.

Expert Instructor

Maddy Beard leads this course with her extensive real-world knowledge of Figma and passion for teaching design principles.

Private Community

Get an exclusive invitation to join our private community, learn from like-minded designers, and grow together.

Lifetime Access

Access the course for life, including future updates. Keep your skills up-to-date with Figma's rapidly evolving features.

course curriculum

What You'll Learn

module 1
The Basics
module 2
Core Tools
module 3
Mastering Type & Color
module 4
Components & Auto Layout
module 5
Prototyping & Interactions
module 6
Collaborating, Sharing, & Exporting
module 7
Advanced Techniques & Tips
module 8
Conclusion & Next Steps
module 9

Take your web design skills to the next level with Flux Academy's Figma course. Master responsive design, components, and advanced features through real-world projects. Receive expert guidance, join a private community, and earn a recognized certificate. Unlock the true power of Figma for web design.

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PLUS, Build This E-Commerce Site Together…

With our ready-to-use assets & step-by-step instructions, you’ll be designing a complete e-commerce website with all its bells and whistles…

No Fluff. All Action

By The End of This Course, You’ll Be Able To…

Master Figma for Web Design

Learn Figma's rich set of features to design stunning, responsive websites with confidence – in no time!

Create Visually Appealing Sites

Apply time-tested layout, color, and typography principles to make your web designs wow your clients.

Design Websites Faster

Use components, styles, variables, and other advanced features to accelerate your workflow.

Create Responsive Designs

Harness the power of auto layout to effortlessly design sites that automatically adjust to different screen sizes.

Impress Clients & Colleagues

Deliver professional and production-ready designs that you can be proud of handing off to your customers.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Show your Figma skills to the world by completing the course and building your certification project on Figma.

Earn a Flux Certificate

Gain an edge in the competitive job market by staying up-to-date with the latest features and technologies.

Get Mentored by the Best

1:1 Mentoring With Seasoned Industry Experts

Have questions? Want feedback? Ask your project mentor, get private answers.

Here's an idea how to make the layout less busy
The animation is not working since the parent element is hidden
Love the open feel, maybe add some interactions next
Add clearer CTAs to help conversion
Consider incorporating more contrast

Weekly Office Hours

Join Ran Segall's weekly Office Hours live & ask your most pressing questions about web design and freelancing.

Dedicated Mentors

Struggling with a client site? Stuck on your course project? Reach out to our mentors for personalized 1:1 support.

Special Workshops

Get a private invitation to our exclusive workshops to stay ahead of the game and grow continuously.

Private Flux Community

Build Your Network

Collaborate, network, and continue learning with a global community of designers.

Gigs & Opportunities

Take advantage of special gig opportunities and collaborate with other designers and freelancers.

Accountability Partners

Stay on track with your learning goals, offer & receive encouragement, and grow together.

Earn an industry-recognized certificate.

Stop trying to "fake it till you make it", and instead - just learn how to actually make it. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Work on a complete (and responsive) e-commerce website project and put your skills into practice within realistic scenarios.

  • Learn to improve and iterate on your work with personalized feedback from our expert mentors.

  • Earn your Flux Academy certificate by building our carefully crafted one-pager certification project.

Meet Your Instructor

Maddy Beard

Maddy is a designer with over 6 years of experience working with clients big and small. She’s currently focusing on empowering emerging tech startups with strategic UI/UX design. She’s also a design educator who has created content for Figma, Adobe, Webflow, and many more as a coach at Flux and on her own YouTube channel. She strongly believes in learning by doing, trying, and making mistakes, and loves that part of her career can be to help other designers do the same.

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Course Reviews

What Students Say

I had taught myself the very basics of Figma, but I knew that I wasn't taking advantage of many of its features to make my workflow more efficient, and I wasn't motivated to do so because I've found that trying to learn things on your own can mean finding random tutorials that make learning feel disorganized and slow. Figma for Web Designers is a short, but very comprehensive course where you follow along, step-by-step, in constructing an e-commerce site. There's an assignment that you complete afterwards which reinforces what you learned during the lessons. You even get personalized feedback on your submission. My workflow has been 10X more efficient since completing the course.

Shirley Tam

The Flux Academy Figma for Web Design course is great for beginners learning new web design skills, and for those looking to improve their work flow using industry best practices. I've been using Figma for over a year and this course helped me streamline my process, and learn how to be even more organised, which will increase my productivity in future digital projects. I would highly recommend this to any budding web designer out there!

Glen Saunders

The learning material and teacher are excellent. The content was explained clearly and I could follow nicely. The course structure made sense and was a good introduction to the software. I started with zero knowledge in Figma and now I am confident enough to dive deeper into it with my design projects. The best part of the course for me was, however, the mentorship. Amazingly fast reply and friendly help. The use of Loom is a winning choice. In general, I would say that the human element of mentorship would be the first reason why I would recommend this course.

María Pérez

Flux helped my fastrack my Figma skills in a matter of weeks. The course has massively increased my confidence, productivity and creativity within Figma. I'd recommend the course without hesitation!

Dan Hoye

I've just completed the Figma for Web Designers course and I definitely think it was very helpful for me to get to understand how it works more than just skimming through loads of videos on Youtube. Youtube tutorials are great but I like how this course really gives all the information that a beginner like me would understand. The best thing about Flux is the mentors, I really appreciate how helpful they were when I was stuck with an issue which they would respond to by the end of the day.

Joyce Giron

I have learned so much thanks to the course, Maddy did a great job in the way she put together all the course material.

Pablo Lozano

I’ve been using Figma for many years and this was a great way to help streamline my workflow. Maddy did an excellent job with this one! (Shoutout to Stan too)

Alexander Heyns
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