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Unlock the True Power of Figma for Web Design

Webflow Masterclass

Start building pro Webflow websites quickly and effectively

You'll Learn

Fundamentals;Responsiveness;Animations & Interactions;CMS;Relume;Finsweet CMS Filter;Members' Area;Client-First Style System;Client Management

Figma For Web Designers

Master Figma, create stunning & responsive websites, and collabrate like a pro.

You'll Learn

Basics of Figma;Layout;Responsiveness;Variables;Auto-Layout;Components

Framer Masterclass

Build stunning websites using Framer – fast!

You'll Learn

Fundamentals;Layout;Animations & Interactions;CMS; Components;Variables;3D Integration

Web Design Pro

Create high-end custom websites with confidence

You'll Learn

UX/UI;Step-by-Step Process;Strategy;Core Design Skills;Client Management

Brand Design Mastery

Offer complete brand design services

You'll Learn

Visual Identity Design;Logo Design;Creative Direction;Brand Strategy

Core Design Skills

Develop the essential skills needed for a successful web designer

You'll Learn


6-Figure Freelancer

Scale your freelance business

You'll Learn


WriteSite: Content-First Design

Offer strategic copywriting services with confidence

You'll Learn

Content Strategy;Content-First Design;Copywriting

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Flux helped me get comfortable with Webflow, after trying to learn from YouTube tutorials. My recent branding and website clients have paid $25k, or $5,000 USD per month on a retainer basis.

Andy Mullady
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Please know that you have changed my life for the better with your courses. I went from having no clients at all to having 5-6 projects at any given time and often hit $10k in months. Keep it up!

Jen Chuah
Text Link

Everything I learned in design and Webflow I learned from Flux. It brought me to quit my job and move to Bali to work fully as a freelancer. Since then, I have doubled my sales every year, and I plan to get to 6-figures next year.

Hannes Haderer
Text Link

When I had a new client interested in a website, I decided to join The Webflow Masterclass. I met with my client weekly hitting design milestones and saw them light up as the web design came to life. It was an amazing feeling to see the headaches of coding and hours of troubleshooting fade away.

Tony Jeffers
Text Link

One of the best courses I've ever taken. I signed a six-figure web design contract with a client, which in addition to other client work, makes this year my highest grossing year to date. Ran and the community were very supportive of my growth.

Francesca Sauls
Text Link

Getting feedback for our work is the best way to get better, and at the Flux Academy, the coaches are very prompt in getting back with feedback and answers to the queries we put forward.

Tresa Deepak
Text Link

I rarely buy courses, but this one was worth the gamble. The content was more than what you'd find on the Flux YT channel and more focused. Great value for money.

Gabriel Irina
Text Link

I am a proud student of all 5 courses at Flux Academy, each one of these courses taught me something special. I went from charging $200 per website to over $2000 per website in a matter of months. And it's only up from here, the sky is the limit.

Schneur Smith
Text Link

Made me believe that from a small town I just created an earning potential even when the world was shut down. Armed with this knowledge I was able to get my first freelance client even before finishing the whole course.

Norbu Lama
Text Link

Flux academy has changed my life entirely. It is clear to follow, offers down-to-earth, actionable advice and teaches you the real fundamentals of great user experience and design.

Andrew McGrath
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