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Over the last few years major shifts in culture and technology have brought in immense demand for skillful designers.

Companies like Apple have made design and user experience a standard that customers now take for granted, which means clients are more willing than ever to invest in good design.

As technology made starting a business easier, there are now more business then ever in history in need of a good design to help their business grow and succeed.

The same technology and internet allows us as designers to learn and work independently of where we are in the world, giving us more opportunities than ever to finally make a living doing work that is meaningful and enjoyable alongside supporting our lifestyles and families.

We're excited to help you on your journey to make the most of this incredible point in history.

Ran Segall
Founder of Flux Academy

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Teaching from experience

Hi 👋

I’m Ran Segall

I’m a freelance designer and the founder of Flux Academy.

I’ve been working as designer for 17 years and had a chance to work with a variety of clients from huge companies to small startups. I’ve been designing every kind of website possible, from marketing sites, content sites to complete web and mobile apps.

I am passionate about mastering new tools that can help me become a more valuable and productive full stack designer, and I love sharing and teaching others what I know.

My work has been featured on:

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