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Master the proven web design process for delivering standout client outcomes.

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Become a trusted expert that can take on any web design project

Stop trying to "fake it till you make it", and instead - just learn how to actually make it. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver standout websites using a proven process

  • Elevate your work by mastering timeless design principles

  • Design for results with creative strategy workshops

  • Confidently manage projects and set client expectations

  • Avoid the overwhelm, and know exactly what to do next


Web Design: Becoming A Professional

course curriculum

What You'll Learn

module 1
The Web Design Process
module 2
Honing your Web Design Skills
module 3
Project & Client Management
module 4
Building Your Portfolio
module 5
Final Thoughts
module 6

Master the entire web design process with Flux Academy's comprehensive course. Gain the skills to deliver standout websites, elevate your work, and confidently manage projects. Transform into a trusted expert ready to tackle any web design challenge. Enroll now and unlock your potential.

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Some Of The Things You Will Be Learning & Doing

This isn't a bunch of video tutorials. It's a complete journey to transform your career as a web designer. Here's what's included:

Videos you enjoy watching

High-production videos covering all the steps and skills you need to become a professional, presented in clear, no-nonsense video.

Save time with ready to use docs

Each and every part of this course is accompanied by a host of resources to ensure your success and make your work more efficient.

Practice what you learn

Even if you're not working with a client right now, our exercises files will allow you to practice and follow along.

Become a trusted expert that can take on any web design project

Stop trying to "fake it till you make it", and instead - just learn how to actually make it. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver standout websites using a proven process

  • Elevate your work by mastering timeless design principles

  • Design for results with creative strategy workshops

  • Confidently manage projects and set client expectations

  • Avoid the overwhelm, and know exactly what to do next

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The Best Wireframing Kit On The Market

Student Showcase

Some of our Students' Work

Matthias Cordes
Matthias Cordes
Web Designer
Matthias Cordes
Tara Hoover
Tara Hoover
Graphic & Web Designer
Tara Hoover
Stefan Popadic
Stefan Popadic
High Five Studio
Stefan Popadic
Ethan Suero
Ethan Suero
Independent Designer
Ethan Suero
Geenay Laubscher
Geenay Laubscher
Web Designer
Geenay Laubscher
Daniel Lun
Daniel Lun
Tov Studio
Daniel Lun
Charlie Osborne
Charlie Osborne
Osborne Branding
Charlie Osborne
Marin Delval
Marin Delval
Polish Studio
Marin Delval
Get Mentored by the Best

1:1 Mentoring With Seasoned Industry Experts

Have questions? Want feedback? Ask your project mentor, get private answers.

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Weekly Office Hours

Join Ran Segall's weekly Office Hours live & ask your most pressing questions about web design and freelancing.

Dedicated Mentors

Struggling with a client site? Stuck on your course project? Reach out to our mentors for personalized 1:1 support.

Special Workshops

Get a private invitation to our exclusive workshops to stay ahead of the game and grow continuously.

Private Flux Community

Build Your Network

Collaborate, network, and continue learning with a global community of designers.

Gigs & Opportunities

Take advantage of special gig opportunities and collaborate with other designers and freelancers.

Accountability Partners

Stay on track with your learning goals, offer & receive encouragement, and grow together.

Meet Your Instructor

Ran Segall

Ran Segall has been a freelance web designer for 20 years — 6 of those as a full-time business owner.

He started his career at big advertising and branding agencies, and as a freelancer, has served clients in many industries, including tech startups, social enterprises, and restaurateurs.

By developing high-value skills, he scaled his freelance web design business to over $250k in yearly revenue.

Since 2015, Ran has been sharing his learnings on his YouTube channel, Flux — the very foundation of Flux Academy.

Course Reviews

What Students Say

The course is really better than I was thinking it would be, it's fantastic.

Lyndle Stokes

As a self taught designer, I felt like the work I was producing was amateur. I was really unclear about what steps I should take to become a better designer. After discovering the Web Design: Becoming a Professional course, I knew I was on the right track when I had a 'road map' for every project. Now I am creating work that I am proud to share with other creatives. I can see the quality of my work improve with every project. And when I get stuck, I have a supportive community of other Flux students who I can reach out to.

Ashley Rose

As someone who had very little web design experience, definitely my best business investment so far.

Jeff Ross

Coming from a technical background I had some hesitation around the Web Design: Become a Professional course and thought it would be another one of “those courses” but booi was I proven wrong! The course is thorough, concise and gives you everything you need to implement a professional process to enable you to work with any level of clientele you target. I have learned a tremendous amount on how to do things the right way and keep doing them to get the results I need!

Dino Naseib

I loved every second of it. It has given me a lot of confidence because now I have a proper process I can rely on. I am very grateful for your hard work!

Toni Massanet

This course was gold for me, I really enjoyed looking at your process and all the tips you shared of how you work with your clients

Daniel Herrera Duncan

The Flux curriculum is a must for a self taught designer like me. Sure you can learn from free places but the feeling of legitimacy given by the community and team is incredible for our persistent imposter syndromes. The courses are well structured and you can manage your pace without feeling rushed. It equips you with a solid process for a large variety of projects that you can quickly implement in your work.

Silvio Verrier

One of my biggest struggles was not knowing the entire end-to-end process for creating high quality websites. The Web Design: Become a Professional covers a lot of strategy making very clear what clients are willing to invest more money in, and how you can provide amazing value to them. I'm now more confident in what steps to take and what I need to focus on.

Joel Parke

The course was everything promised! It helped me polish my Web Design process.

Ivanska Carrillo

This is incredibly valuable! I have never felt like a course was so perfect for me. The information is clear and concise and I am able to apply it in my projects immediately, giving me extra confidence and producing higher quality work.

Ethan Fisher

This course covers a lot of grounds - not just design aspects but also business side of things - and you get so many valuable lessons from the instructor. And you get so much out of the great community.

Takatomo Homma

Amazing course on web design!! This course is amazing to improve your web design skills. Love the work of the Flux Academy. Thank you so much!!

Felix Weis

I took your [web design] course years ago and now I build 10k websites full time.

Emmett Armstrong

I can already say that I improved 10X my web design skills. Also, I met amazing people in the Flux community, lessons and assignments are insightful and packed with great info, and coaches really CARE about every single student and answer every question. The thing that surprised me the most is that courses are not "just watch the video" and that is all, they encourage you to do the work yourself, they have quizzes, assignments, the final exam for certification, live office hours and so much more. I would 100% recommend Flux Academy to any designer that wants to become a real PRO.

Tin Majetić

Getting feedback for our work is the best way to get better, and at the Flux Academy, the coaches are very prompt in getting back with feedback and answers to the queries we put forward.

Tresa Deepak

The Web Design: Becoming a professional course is really valuable and really covers not just the creative process but also how to work with clients. I recommend this course if you want to freelance. Flux has a nice platform with a lot of students and staff that help you out if needed, and you get mentors that guide you to your certificate which is really valuable.

Adam Karlsson

Excellent! I'm fairly new to webdesign, with this course I feel I got a solid ground to stand on as I grow as a webdesigner. The lessons are easy to comprehend but profound when you think about it. I enjoyed the whole process and feel confident about the new skills and insights I learned.

Andreas Rendin

I signed up for the 'Web Design: Becoming a Professional!' course and I'm loving it! I've been doing design and web development for a few years already and this was so helpful to optimize my workflow, consolidate my knowledge and learn many things. I'm watching loads of YouTube videos from various webdesigners, but this is different and totally worth the investment. Plus having the opportunity to get direct feedback from professionals on your work on progress is priceless. I highly recommend this course.

Louis Chance

Throughout this course I learnt the necessary skills a modern day full-stack web designer needs in today’s marketplace. From brand strategy, market research, persona development, market analysis, positioning, project management storytelling, and other key concepts in design.
I had a lot of fun being a part of this program which reinforced my passion for the art and business of web design while equipping me with best practices and frameworks that showcased how creativity, empathy, and being customer-oriented play a huge role in driving long-term value for brands.

Patrick Yeboah

First, the course "Web Design Pro" is really great. During the whole process I had that feeling that the team from Flux Academy is just next to me! Second, I would also like to mention my great experience with Kaja - mentoring and support. Whatever question I had, she was there for me. Third, I would like to mention that the video feedback from my mentor - Stan de Wijs was priceless. I was amazed how much knowledge was hidden in the video. It was a pleasure!

Obretena Metodieva

What Flux Academy does so well is provide you with feedback from expert designers. That is the main differentiator of the course and a necessity to get you better faster. Fundamental skills, prompt feedback loops and expert direct advice on your work makes this a class above the competition.If you are becoming a great web designer, this course is for you.

Ben Gogos

I just finished the course "Web Design: Becoming a Professional" and it was absolutely amazing. Ran makes it very easy to understand the concepts and if you mix that with all the resources provided you get so much value. I am so happy I joined this course and I can't wait to keep learning with Flux Academy.

Alex Dominguez

I reached out to Flux Academy with a question about my website design. [My mentor] Stan gave so much more useful input than I expected, I was blown away!

Paul Lilley

I highly recommend Flux Academy to anyone who aspires to become a skilled designer. It has exceeded my expectations in every aspect, providing comprehensive knowledge, practical experience, and a supportive community. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer looking to expand your skill set, this course will undoubtedly take your abilities to the next level. Invest in yourself and embark on this transformative learning journey today!

Romain Erena

I have completed the web design become a professional course and I am completely thrilled. Both the videos with all the well-chosen examples and great tips as well as the review of my own work afterwards with the opportunity to get feedback from experts was great - at this point a big thank you to Stan.I don't think this will be my last course with Flux.

Katharina Lehmann
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