Flux Scholarship Program

Welcome to the Flux Scholarship Program!

Our Mission

We at Flux Academy believe that web designers can make a great living from their creativity and passion — no matter where they’re located or their background.

You also don’t need a 4 year college degree to become an amazing web designer. At Flux Academy we give you access to the right knowledge, projects to practice, feedback and community support.

If you are unable to afford our courses we created this scholarship for you - independently of the circumstances. We want to help you create the life of your dreams!


Applications are always open and everyone can apply!

If you believe our courses could help you create a positive change or even a complete transformation of your life and career, please apply below.

We value diversity in all of its forms and we know that female or non-binary, as well as people of color or people with disabilities are less likely to apply for opportunities they do not feel 100% qualified for. This scholarship is for you - take the leap and good luck!


  • We welcome applicants with from different backgrounds, with or without design expertise
    Please don't be concerned if you have too much or too little expertise in design. We are giving away scholarships for total beginners and also for more experienced designers.
  • One scholarship course per applicant
    In the case that the student is active in the community and completes the first course, they can apply to get a second one.
    At this moment we will be limiting the maximum amount of scholarships per student to two because we believe that two of our courses along with the Flux Community support are enough to help you succeed.
  • Applicants won't be granted a scholarship if they enrolled in the course
    Scholarships are not retroactive, so if they applied to a scholarship and then enrolled in the course, they will not be granted a scholarship for that course.
    However, we might try to reach out to them to ask if there is another course you'd like to join.

How to Apply

You can apply through the form below - just click in the "Apply Here" button.

Please note that all applications will be considered for the following months, unless the applicant tells us they are no longer interested through this form or via email to team@flux-academy.com.

Apply Here

Selection & Results

We will email results to the applicants who got the scholarship only.

If you didn't get any email from us, please enter the email you used to apply in the "Scholarship Application Status" field to confirm if you got the scholarship or not.

Scholarship Application Status

Verify My Application 🤞 🍀 🙏
Congrats!  You got a Flux Scholarship!

If you didn't receive an email from us, please email us to team@flux-academy.com
We're sorry but you didn't get in this time. 😔

Some free Resources For You

Please don't get discouraged if you haven't gotten the scholarship yet.

There are a ton of free resources out there, including our Instagram (check our Redesign Highlights!) and our YouTube channel that can help you kickstart your web design career or level up your skills.

We selected a few great video playlists for you: